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Information about Methadone Addiction Treatments

Methadone is a prescription medicine beneficial for the treatment of acute to severe pain. It is an opioid medicine that makes it a controlled substance by the FDA. Your healthcare expert will solely monitor the use of this medicine. Methadone is available as an oral tablet and oral dispersible tablet. The oral dispersible tablet dissolves in liquid and makes an oral solution of the drug.
Methadone is also available in the brand name of Methadose and Dolophine. It is also available as a generic medicine. Generic drugs are usually cheaper than brand name medicine.

Why is Methadone used?

Methadone oral tablet is useful for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe pain. It is only given when the other non-opioid pain killers don’t work or if you can not tolerate them.
Methadone is also beneficial to manage the addiction of other drugs. If you are addicted to other opioid medications, your doctor may give you Methadone to prevent the happening of
withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone side effects

The medication of Methadone may cause extreme drowsiness or irregular breathing. Side effects are more likely to occur during the first weeks of the medication. Common side effects of Methadone may include:
● constipation
● nausea
● sleepiness
● dizziness
● stomach pain
● vomiting
● tiredness
● headache
● shortness of breath
● chest pain
● dizziness
● confusion
● lightheadedness
● feeling faint
● slowed breathing
● shallow breathing

Consult with your healthcare expert to better understand the side effects of this medicine.
Seek medical help from your doctor if any of these side effects occur. Always discuss the possible side effects of the medication with your doctor.

Precautions to follow

Precautions are better than cure. So don’t be a fool by not following the precautions. There are a few must-follow precautions when having the medication of Methadone:
● Take this medicine at a particular time recommended by your doctor.
● Do not crush, chew, or lick the oral tablet of Methadone.
● Always carry your medication with you, along with the prescription.
● Do not swallow the dispersible tablet before it is dissolved in liquid.
Consult with your doctor about the safe usage and precautions of Methadone. Do not share or give away your medicine. The sharing of controlled drugs is illegal.