Corona Virus outbreak kills several, know how to deal with it!

corona virus

Corona Virus outbreak kills several, know how to deal with it!

Every single species consists of millions of microorganisms. While most of them are mandatory to complete the metabolism, some of them do the reverse. 

Coronavirus is one of those viruses which fall into the category of potentially harming families. They make their way all through the tracts and infect those who come in contact with it. 

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What does the term “Corona” signify?

The term Corona comes from the word Crown. It refers to the Crown of the proteins in sugar content. The scientists have discovered the RNA base of this virus to have the longest chain of stations. This number is somewhat in the range of 26000 to 32000. It is the chain of a single strand of Nucleic acids. 

There are four species or genus in the family of this virus, termed after the different numbers- AlphacoronavirusBetacoronavirusGamma coronavirus, and Delta coronavirus. Alpha coronavirus and Beta coronaVirus infect only the mammals. These mammals are bats, cats, pigs, and humans. 

The third and fourth category- Gamma Corona Virus can infect the poultry animals. Delta Corona Virus tends to affect both animals, birds, and humans. 

8 Ways to identify and resolve the presence of Corona Virus infection

No matter where in the world you are, if the air around you comprises of the infective microorganisms, you are prone to the disease. So, how would you recognize that evil beings are surrounding you? These are some symptoms that you need to be worried about:

  • This virus spreads through the air. The infections that spread with this virus mostly travel from one person to another via the passage of air. It might go through the airborne particles that consist of the organisms, bacteria, and the infecting bacteria. 
  • If you start experiencing the symptoms such as cough, cold, flu and influenza base symptoms for prolonged periods, then make sure that you check with your doctor. If your doctor reports it to you, then make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and others as well.
  • You can use masks that filter that air for breathing. Make sure that you must make the most of the protection against this deadly virus. Also, make sure that you are away from the people who are carrying it already.
  • Since these viruses spread through the animals, stay away from the animals. Be on a vegan diet, and you can avoid the predominant mode of transmission of this virus. 
  • If possible, don’t get in the infected area. Stay kilometers away from such places. You can get protection from this diseased condition if you make sure of the conditional precautions. 
  • Keep in mind the hygiene-related with food. Your meals in this condition are prone to many risks: contamination, presence of microorganisms, dietary lacking, and many others. 
  • Postpone all your outgoing while being amidst the havoc of this case. It would be better if you can suppress the effects by avoiding the impacts by canceling the trips, outings, and even receiving the people from the outside regions. 
  • Make sure you have a considerable number of medical care facilities. It might include doctors, physicians, medicines, and others. In addition to them, make sure you follow all the hygiene-related instructions. 

How to stay safe in this situation of havoc?

This situation is becoming worse, and God knows what more might be yet to come. If you want to keep yourself and the family members safer, then you need to follow some precautions:

  • Use a protective mask if going out. It will protect you from those airborne microorganisms’ attack. Although this is not a completely reliable method, yet it filters quite a few bacteria.
  • Keep your food items away from the diseased surroundings. Make sure that what you use is distant from the surroundings.
  • Avoid contact with the people who are carrying the symptoms of flu and influenza. It is one of the indications of this deadly viral disease. 
  • Make sure that you are in your homes. It is to protect you from the contaminated air and its effects on your respiratory tract.  

Wuhan CoronaVirus: The recent havoc- 2019- nCov

The recent outbursts are related to the Corona Virus outbreak in Wuhan city. There has been a rise in the number of people falling prey to this epidemic. The Wuhan Corona Virus: The recent havoc- 2019- nCov has originated from inappropriate eating habits. Most of the people in China like to eat snakes. 

The primary origin finds its origin in the diet of Chinese people. The consumption of animal soups and other food items such as snake soups and others adds to these deadly diseases. 

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome- SARS- CoV

There have been many more cases of this virus. It has been spreading its wings and epidemic in many other regions of this world. The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome- SARS- CoV spread the sides in 2003. During these years, this virus spread to almost 26 countries, causing tremendous havoc and deaths with a scale involving thousands of people. 

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

Not too earlier, but in 2012, it was when this deadly virus presented the havoc and fatal consequences. It was in the middle-east, and hence, it came to be famous by the name, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).  The outbreak during this time reveals the deaths of many people. The starting symptoms being cough, cold, shortness in breathing, difficulty in relaxing, and restlessness came to be observed as the effect of this virus this year. 

According to statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), this virus attacked people across 27 countries. Nearly 2500 cases of this infection came to existence and killed thousands of people. Scientists have discovered Camel as the one animal who is responsible for the transmission of this virus. 

Statistical traces of the deaths in the Wuhan Corona Virus case

So, the risks of people getting infected with this deadly Coronavirus are increasing. The city of Wuhan, the capital where this havoc situation started, has seen the number of deaths. This hike in the name of fatalities is due to the people of all the foreign countries living there. The statistical representation of the deaths due to this deadly Coronavirus is here:

  • According to the leading newspaper report, there have been a total of 20,686 cases of people damaged from the Coronavirus. 13% of this number is in a very critical condition. 
  • The number of deaths has seen a hike of 420. It is the average estimate. There are many more deaths that the statistics reports have not covered. 
  • Around 700-80 people have successfully eliminated some of the symptoms and are recovering. 

Many are under treatment and are seeking immediate help. Several healthcare officials and doctors have migrated, leaving their families. There is no hope of them getting back to their families. 

Make sure you go to a considerable extent to help out someone who needs it immediately. Although one person cannot fight, the collective efforts would bring relief to some. So, make sure you are in charge of the protection of your family as well as extend the possible hand in helping the needy out. 


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