Drug Addiction – the escape from reality?

escape from reality

Drug Addiction And Negative Consequences- 

Many new studies of drug addicts have shown that they use drugs as an escape from reality. In general, an escape from all their problems, such as depression, anxiety, financial status, and feeling of detachment. This article will try to go through

  • what exactly Drug addiction is ?,
  • why addicts are consuming them even after knowing they are killing themself?. And find out ways we could prevent and help our loved ones from becoming Drug addicts.

Drug Addiction

Escape from reality Drug addiction or substance use disorder is a habit-forming disease that affects brain chemicals and behavior. Substances like tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, and nicotine are also consider as drugs. A person is becomes an addict when they continue to use the drug even though it is harming them.



  • Drug addiction involves functional changes in the brain circuits such as stress, self-control, and reward; it is consider a brain disorder. 
  • Addiction is more like other diseases that disrupt normal and healthy organ functioning. Drug addiction is treatable, but if left untreated, it may last for a lifetime and lead to death. 
  • Escape from reality Drug addiction isn’t always just Cocaine, heroin, Lsd, ecstasy, or other illegal drugs. Being addicted to nicotine, alcohol, opioids, pain killers, or any other prescription medication is drug addiction. 


Complications related to the addiction to the drug


Drugs dependence creates numerous amount of dangerous and fatal complications, including:

  • Getting a communicable disease: Drug addicts are at a high risk of getting infectious diseases like HIV and all, either through unsafe sex or needles sharing.
  • Health problems: Drug addiction can result in a variety of short-term and long-term mental and physical health issues, like acute depression, insomnia, unhealthy organ functioning.
  • Accidents: While under the influence of drugs, people are more likely to drive fast and do activities that can turn dangerous for them as well as for others.
  • Suicide: Rather than overdose, suicide is the most common way drug addicts die than people who aren’t addicted. 
  • Family problems: The drug causes behavioral changes that can lead to family or marital conflict and may even worsen the situation.
  • Financial problems: Spending money to buy drug use diverts funds from other needs, may result in debt and may lead to illegal or unethical behavior.

So why do people take drugs, even when they know it’s killing them?

escape from reality Anyone, irrespective of their age, sex, or economic status, can become addicted to a drug. They keep on taking drugs for few common reasons generally:

  • To feel good: The most common reason for being an addict is feel-good feelings. An intense feeling of pleasure is produced in the brain with the use of drugs and creates a sense of good feelings. These feelings of high and increased energy make the addict feel happy and joy while escaping reality.
  • Curiosity and social pressure: In addition, teens are especially vulnerable in this regard because peer pressure can be extremely powerful. Adolescence is a developmental and crucial stage in which the presence of risk factors is high, such as drug-using peers.
  • To feel better: It was found in a study that most of the people who suffer from social anxiety, depression had higher chances of being addicted. They start using the drugs so as to try to feel less anxious and feel better. Stress plays a major role in starting, continuing, and relapse of drug addiction addicts.
  • Lack of family involvement: The lack of bond with parents and siblings increases the risk of being an addict. In addition, difficult family situations can also hamper the mood of recovering addicts and increase their chances of using the substance again.
  • An early use:  Using drugs at a young age can alter the developing brain and increase the likelihood of developing a drug addiction.
  • Taking a highly addictive drug: Drugs, such as stimulants, Cocaine, or opioid painkillers, may cause addiction to develop more quickly than others. 

So, the final question that needs justice is How to prevent you or your loved ones from being a Drug addict?


In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, the best ways are to not take drugs at all as drugs are highly addictive and can be habit-forming even if used for just the sake of giving them a try. If prescribed by a doctor, use the drug with cations and follow the given instructions.

Remember the drug prescribe by your doctor are only for medical purposes and should only be taken in safe and exact amounts. If you feel the urge or are taking more than prescribed, then talk to your doctor.

You can take these steps in order to prevent drug addiction :

  • Communicate. Talk to your friends, family, children and make them aware of the risks of drug use and misuse.
  • Listen. Be a good listener & listen to when your children or friends or siblings are talking about peer pressure and support their efforts.
  • Set a good example. Just don’t misuse alcohol or addictive drugs and set a good example for your Children, As children learn from their parents and try to copy them exactly.
  • Strengthen the bond. Work on creating a healthy relationship with your family, friends, and children. A strong, stable bond will reduce your and your loved ones’ risk of being a drug addict.


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