How will I place the order?

Placing a order with us is a quite simple task that need only fraction of time. You just need to select the product from our websiteand then a page will be opened up to you where you shall be directed to fill upon the address of yours and mode of payment. By filling all the necessary requirements you shall finally complete the process of ordering. The selected product will then reach you in few days.

How to contact with the company?

Customers can always contact to us through the customer support option provided on website where the option of mail, phone calls and live chat rooms are shown. Customer can contact through any of the preferred mode they want to.

How is the process of shipping done for orders?

We do rely on the best and most reputed courier carriers namely FedEx, DHL Express, US Postal Services & UPS. All these couriers services are most secure and reliable and does speedy delivery of all shipped packages.

What are type of medicines the website engage in?

At our website we sell only FDA approved drugs which includes mostly the pain relievers such as Ambien, OxyContin , Hydrocodone, Lortab, Adderall and much more medicine like these. All above medications are effective cure for treating sleeping disorders. We give authenticity of all medicines shown up on website. They all  are sourced from  genuine manufacturers in the U. S.. You can visit our section All Products for detailed information.

What sort of packaging is used for the shipped products?

We take immense efforts to provide orders to their customers in most safe manner without getting any damage to the product. They all are properly covered with best packaging while the customers privacy is given high importance before it is delivered to the customers.

What all are the available modes of payment on website?

The website is quite flexible regarding mode of payment and accepts all form of credit, debit cards with COD too. Even you can opt for EMI option on higher price of products.

What if my order is damaged or missing?

Customer satisfaction is foremost priority and hence in any case if you face any such issue then you can directly contact our customer service team through phone call or email. We will provide you with the most preferred solution for the same. For more details customer can visit our section of Delivery & Refunds.

What if my query is not listed in this section?

This will be the least thing that can happen but if it happens in any case then you are always welcomed to call our customers care number and clear you doubts and queries. They will help and assist you in most best way.

What are the generic medications? Are they safe to use upon?

Generic medications are as effective as it’s original counterpart. The only thing that makes any medicine generic is that it has lost its patent protection. As the medicine has lost its patent, other manufactures can produce and sell the pills at low prices. Yes, generic medicines are as safe as their counterpart.

What is your refund policy?

For us the customer satisfaction is the most we care about hence we take immense care in delivery you the best product. But incase you receive any sort of faulty product or if packaging is damaged or expired. You can then contact our customer service team and can get your money refunded. The refunded money will be send to your account after the damaged product had been picked up the delivery person.