How to deal with schizophrenia?


What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that adversely affects a person’s ability to think, feel, and behave clearly. Moreover, a person suffering from this ailment experiences hallucinations, delusions and unusual physical movements.

Further, there is an increase in illogical thoughts. It may start between the age of 16 and 30. In general, men tend to experience the symptoms of this ailment earlier than women. Most of the time, people do not get Schizophrenia after the age of 45. 

It rarely happens in children, but going for a regular medical check-up is considered a good habit. While you get diagnosed with it, it may involve delusions and paranoia. So, they fear that someone is pursuing and intending to harm them. 

What are the possible causes of developing Schizophrenia?

Medical researchers don’t have the exact reasons for developing it. However, they suggest that a combination of physical, genetic, psychological, and environmental factors leads to mental disorders. 

In some cases, stressful and emotional life events can further become the reason for this ailment. However, below is the list of several causes of developing schizophrenia: –

  • Genetics 
  • Brain changes 
  • Chemical changes 
  • Pregnancy complications 
  • Childhood trauma 
  • Drug use 

Tell about the symptoms which a person suffering from schizophrenia shows?

The symptoms of this deadly disease can range from mild to severe. Moreover, below is the list of such signs of the same: –

  • Hallucinations: – they tend to hear, see, smell, and feel things that no one else feels around. 
  • Delusions: – it means they start to believe things that are not in real life. They begin to think that they are some famous personality or possess a superpower. 
  • Confuse thoughts and disorganized speech: People find it challenging to balance what they think and speak. Their words become all mess and jumbled. 
  • Difficulty in concentration: – it becomes tough for such people to find proper attention in any task. 
  • Movement disorders: – such people have an increase in their movement. Though usually, they don’t indulge in violent behavior. 
Can Adderall make schizophrenia worse?

There is a close link between Adderall and psychosis. Adderall does contain the nervous system stimulants “amphetamine” and “dextroamphetamine.” These stimulants can make the person more alert and focus tenure high. 

There is a link between Adderall and psychosis. Intake of Adderall may lead to psychosis. 

Adderall and schizophrenia 

Researchers say that intake of Adderall may lead to the development of hallucinations and delusions in the person. Thus, schizophrenia from Adderall may happen. A person who has ADHD has more chances to have schizophrenia. Therefore, take advice from a doctor before using this drug.

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