Oxycontin 40mg: Termination of pain-bounded life

Oxycontin 40mg

Oxycontin 40mg: Termination of pain-bounded life

What is Oxycontin 40mg used for?

Oxycontin 40 mg and its other subsets stand in the extended-release form. Therefore, it is not recommendable to use on an as-needed basis for pain. It is only used on around the clock treatment. However, its generic editions exist in the immediate form that can be on an as-needed basis for pain.

However, before using any variant, meet the doctor to know which variant is best for you. The doctor decides the dosage after analyzing several factors such as age, sex, and health facets. Hence, before reaching under therapy, take medical consultation to get suitable data as per health factors. 

Oxycontin 40mg is an integration of several ingredients and properties. These ingredients synchronize together in the body to diminish/treat moderate to severe pain. Besides, it can be utilized with other drugs to cure other disorders for off purposes. However, it should only be used for off purposes only when the doctor directs with legal Rx. In case if you have this medicine for non-mentioned goals without recommendation. So, you may fall under the impact of Oxycontin side effects. 

Furthermore, healthcare prescribes 40mg Oxycontin for short term usage such as 2 to 3 weeks. The treatment duration may vary from victim to victim due to health components. Thus, one should meet the professional to know about adequate duration as per health status. In case if you extend the prescribed duration, so you may meet Oxycontin addiction. Given below symptoms persists in sufferer who is addicted to Oxycontin- 

  • Craving for Oxycontin dosages without the necessity 
  • Having it despite adverse results 
  • wish to quit its consumption but find unable to do so. 


  • Consumption of more than 40mg per pill should only be implemented if you are familiar with its drug class. If not so, one should commence the therapy with the lowest subgroup. Once the stability gets established, the doctor will able to enhance the Oxycontin 40mg dosages. However, you should increase the dosage with self-assessment because it may lead to oxy side effects.
  • There is no evidence of this drug effectiveness in children younger than 18 years. Due to the opioid drug class, it can lead to severe side effects in the children. The side effects may comprise irregular heartbeat and extreme drowsiness. Thus, use it only when the doctor directs it. Moreover, the physician may subject other medications to deal with the disorder. 
  • Abusing or misusing Oxycontin can cause life-threatening side effects. Therefore, use it in a prescribed manner without manipulation. Above all, stop the usage of this medicine gradually under observation. In case if you heighten the treatment without approval. So, you will be liable for upcoming concerns.

Currently available strengths of Oxycontin- 

Oxycontin OC is available in numerous range of powers, and 40mg is one of them. Each strength functions differently from each other. The primary reason for the difference in mechanism rate is the different amount of active element. Each power appears unique in color, size, imprint, and look. Hence, one should meet the healthcare to get the adequate dosage. 

  • 5mg Oxycontin
  • 10mg Oxycontin
  • 20mg Oxycontin
  • Oxycontin 30mg
  • Oxycontin 40mg
  • 60mg Oxycontin
  • Oxycontin 80mg

The generic title of this medication is oxycodone. In contrast, Oxycontin stands for the brand name. Both variants function the same in the body. Still, the differences in the prices take place due to different pharmaceutical creators. Each creator tries to deliver the medicine uniquely. 

To gather additional info about Oxycontin uses and formation. So, read the give data- 

Drug class- 

  • All the above variants come under the drug category known as opioid narcotics. Therefore, it functions by binding the special receptors to halt the transmission between the body and the brain. 

Control status- 

  • All the subsets appear in schedule 2 controlled substances. Thus, it has a high potential for abuse and misuse as compared to schedule 4. However, if you neglect the prescribed norms so you may fall under addiction too. 


  • Oxycontin 40mg has a brown color, round shape, and imprint of OC on one end and 40 on another one. 

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