Phentermine : Best medication for weight loss

Phentermine: Best medication for weight loss

Phentermine prescription drug is an ideal choice of patients and obese people who are looking for a loss of weight. The composition of this medication comprises amphetamine. The functioning of such a drug is related to the resolution of weight management problems.

The constituent components of this drug work on the appetite of the person. They allow the person to regain fitness. It is a sympathomimetic amine a-narcotic agent. It is one of the best medications that you can use to get rid of excessive weight. 

Phentermine dosage and intake instructions

Phentermine is also famous for the name Phentermine HCL.  The mechanism of action of this drug is based on the reduction of some functions in the body. This is how you can take the dosage of this medication:

  • You need to take it once before or after breakfast, resting upon the instructions of your doctor.
  • The timing of this medication is one hour before or after the meal. The frequency of this medication is thrice a day.
  • If your doctor has prescribed you sustained-release medication, then you must take this medication 10-14 hours before your regular bedtime.
  • You must take these Phentermine pills as a whole. Avoid using them in chewing or crushed format.
  • You can take this medication also by taking this as a solution for the mouth. You can, therefore, you need to keep it on the tongue to get the best effects. 
  • The frequency of intake of this medication has to be once or twice a week. You must avoid overuse or overdose. 
  • The doctor would prescribe you the right amount of dosage as per your requirement. Keep in mind that you must not make any changes to the medication, without consulting your doctor. 

Phentermine consumption side effects

The effects of any medication can be either god or bad, depending upon the way you take the entire dosage. If you exceed the amount mentioned in the prescription (Phentermine overdose), then these are some of the ill effects that you might get:

  • Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, Insomnia, and irritability are the commonly visible symptoms that you may get.
  • If you are experiencing blood pressure fluctuations, this is the effect of overdose. The pulse rate can also be fluctuating. 
  • Frequent mood changes along with the signs of emotional vulnerability are the side effects. 
  • If this continues for a longer time, then you might get blurred vision and even lead to the thinking impairment. 
  • You can be prone to severe allergic reactions, itching, severe illness, and breathing problems. 

These are some of the Phentermine side effects to which you might fall prey. Now you can go through drug interactions that you must know about. 

Phentermine Drug interactions with other formulations

You need to know about the possible sessions and interactions of this drug. These produce toxic as well as some other forms of medication. These are some drugs that interact with Phentermine:

  • The first drugs to come in this category are MAO inhibitors. They are responsible for the production of effects on medications like isocarboxazid, linezolid, and safinamide.
  • You must not take this prescription drug with allergic medications. These can be the combination of certain ill effects that you might get as the side effects on your skin.
  • Certain blood pressure curing medications are responsible for fluctuating blood pressure in people. These medications can cause either high or low blood pressure. 

Note that all these facts, dosage information and side effects are in relation to the prescription that your doctor gives you. You can consult your doctor for additional information regarding the Phentermine medication.  

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