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“Blue Xanax: to conquer your fears”

Anxiety is a common problem that is haunting the lives of many people. It creates a mental barrier that does not allow the people to get out of their comfort zone. People suffering from anxiety disorder avoid activities that make them uncomfortable. Which can act as a hindrance in the person’s growth in any aspect of their life. If you are going through such a problem the doctor may prescribe you to buy Blue Xanax online. As this medicine can help you to get rid of anxiety disorder.

There are certain things that you need to consider before you start using this medicine. Because blue Xanax is a potent medicine and the doctor prescribed you to use after comparing the benefits and risks of blue Xanax.

What is blue Xanax?

Blue Xanax is a variant of Xanax that helps in the treatment of anxiety and panic disorder. It changes the chemical composition of the brain to produce effects. It increases the effects of GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) which helps in reducing the activity of the brain caused by anxiety.

Blue Xanax is a brand medicine and belongs to a family of drugs called benzodiazepines. You can also buy blue Xanax online in a generic form called Alprazolam. However, both of these medicines provide the same effects. But the generic version is cheaper and helps you to save money.

This medicine belongs to the schedule IV category of drugs. Which means that it is controlled and regulated by the government. Because Xanax is known to create addiction and physical dependence on the user. Make sure that you want to use this medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

Blue Xanax and other variants of Xanax

Blue Xanax is a brand variant of Xanax. The strength of blue Xanax is 1mg. And you can identify this medicine as a blue colored oval shaped pill. There is “ XANAX 1.0” imprinted on the tablet that makes it easy for you to identify the medicine.

There are several other variants of Xanax such as:

  • 0.25 mg of Xanax
  • 0.5 mg of Xanax 
  • 1 mg  of Xanax 
  • 2 mg of Xanax 
  • 3 mg of Xanax

These are all the variants of Xanax that you can find in the market. However, the dosage of this medicine depends upon various other factors. Therefore make sure that you want to use this medicine as prescribed by the doctor. If not this medicine can create several side effects on the user.

Side effects of blue Xanax

Xanax works in our central nervous system and makes changes to provide effects. Due to the changes, blue Xanax can sometimes create several adverse effects on the user. These effects are divided into categories based on the damage it can do to your health. 

The side effects are divided into subcategories based on danger it poses on the health of the users.

Mild side effects 

These are some of the common side effects of the user. However they usually appear when the person is new to the treatment. And their body is not adapting to the changes done by the medicine. 

  • Increased in saliva production
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness 
  • Change in sexual drive
  • Lightheadedness 
  • Confusion 
  • Nervousness 

These effects are not dangerous and go away automatically within days or a week. However they are not dangerous but you need to inform your doctor if any of the symptoms persist or get worse overtime.

Severe side effects

Severe side effects are dangerous effects and can damage your physical and mental health. These effects can also create life threatening situations. Some of the severe side effects are mentioned below:

  • Hallucinations 
  • Suicidal thoughts 
  • Loss of coordination 
  • Trouble speaking 
  • Memory problems 
  • Trouble speaking 
  • Yellowing of eyes or skin 
  • Seizures 
  • Severe dizziness 
  • Trouble breathing 

These are some of the severe side effects of using blue Xanax. Therefore make sure to get medical help immediately if you see any of the above mentioned symptoms.

How long does it take a blue Xanax to kick in?

Xanax is a quick acting medicine and it starts working as soon as you take the medicine. It takes around 5 to 10 minutes for Xanax to provide a calming sensation to the user. The time of effects depends on the person. Suppose you are a young person and have a good metabolism, then the Xanax will take less time to produce effects. Therefore the timing of the depends on the physical ability of the user.

Do you need to eat before blue Xanax?

You can take Xanax with or without food as prescribed by your doctor. Usually the doctor prescribes you to take this medicine in divided doses 2-3 times in a day on an empty stomach. Because taking this medicine after a meal can delay the effects of the medicine. However if you feel nauseous after taking Xanax, you can take this medicine with food to reduce nauseous feeling.

Does Xanax cause dementia?

There is a misconception that Xanax creates dementia in older adults. However, according to research there is no evidence that proves that blue Xanax can cause dementia in the user. However this medicine is known to affect the cognitive abilities of the user. Which can connect some nodes with dementia.

Does Xanax cause memory loss?

Xanax works in the brain to provide effects. It enhances a natural tranquillizer present in our brain to provide the calming effects. Due to the changes this medicine is known to cause temporary memory loss. It is one of the common side effects of using Xanax. Therefore make sure to inform your doctor if you want to use this medicine as prescribed by the doctor. And inform your doctor if you encounter memory loss while using blue Xanax.


Final thoughts, Blue Xanax is an effective medicine if you are suffering from anxiety and panic disorder. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while using the medicine. Because Xanax is known to create adverse effects to the user. It can also cause addiction and physical dependence on the user. Therefore it becomes important for you to follow the instructions given by your doctor carefully.