Types of Amnesia cases in 2021


Have you ever felt that you are forgetting something like you are losing your memories of some events that happened in your life? Is it becoming more casual in your life?

If you are experiencing the same things in your life, you might have amnesia. Which needs to get treated as soon as you find out about it.


What is Amnesia meaning?

Amnesia is a disorder in which a person loses their memories or is not able to remember some past events that happened in their life. Sometimes people with amnesia have complications forming new memories. Some people might even lose their identity status.

Amnesia, also called an amnestic syndrome, can damage brain areas that are essential for memory processing. There is no proper cure for this disorder but with the help of some therapies, it can be better.

Anterograde amnesia 

In this type of amnesia, a person is unable to form new memories. But this is a temporary effect. For instance, it can happen by consuming too much alcohol resulting in blackouts. Sometimes it can be permanent.

What is Amnesia treatment?

Most of the cases of amnesia resolve themselves without any treatment but if it is not resolving itself treatment is necessary. There is no proper cure for the disorder but therapies can help make the situation better.

Some psychotherapies such as hypnosis can help patients recall the memories that they have forgotten. Support from their families is the most important part of the treatment to regain their memories.

There are treatments available according to the cause of amnesia. For instance, amnesia caused by chemicals like alcohol can be treated through detoxification.

Moreover, amnesia caused by dementia is usually incurable but your doctor can prescribe medication to help learn the memories.

Retrograde amnesia 

In this type of amnesia, a person loses both current and previous memories made by them. At first, this affects recent memories then slowly it affects older memories like childhood memories. Some diseases such as dementia can cause this type of amnesia.

Amnesia symptoms 

The symptoms of having amnesia may include:

  • Unable to make new memories
  • Unable to remember past events
  • Fake or false memories
  • Uncoordinated movements
  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Short term memory loss
  • Unable to recognize faces or places

Types of amnesia

There are several types of amnesia which include:

  • Retrograde amnesia
  • Anterograde amnesia
  • Transient global amnesia
  • Infantile amnesia


Amnesia is a brain disorder in which a person loses their memories or is unable to make any new memories. There is no proper cure for this problem. However, some psychological therapies like hypnosis can help the person with amnesia recall the memories that they have forgotten.

The therapy needs full family support to work effectively to the benefit of the patient.

If your loved one is going through the same situation, you need to help them by supporting them and taking them to a psychologist or therapist to make the situation better for them.



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